He Cheat and I have a WAP| He lies, and I have a WAP…WHY!?!?!?

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My topic is something that many women want to know if my WAP is so good and gooey why do men fool around. I have macaroni WAP and he cheats. Why do men play me for a fool by lying and cheating and I have the baddest WAP?   If I’m such as baddie as he says or as I think, why don’t I have a perfect relationship!?!?!?

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I’m calling it now Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion WAP is the official song of the summer.  I am Tik Tok’ ed out with the WAP dance challenge, and I’m writing about it so…yeah it’s the song of the summer.   

I’m going to break the news to you, sis.  Please sit down.  WAP is wonderful for the bed, or wherever else you choose to use it (cause its yours).  A man will today, yesterday and forevermore do what he chooses to do to make himself happy.  What does this mean – Him creeping or playing around with Becky has NOTHING to do with you, and I mean NOTHING.  

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You can have the bomb ass body, the best head game, men jumping in your DM, and still, he will cheat. Still, he will lie, again and again. He will continue to keep two phones without you having the code. He will be in the same room as you and not be there with you.  

Your man, your boo, your sidepiece, your sugar daddy is his own person, and he has to DECIDE that the relationship he has with you is what he wants.   If he can’t make that decision, nothing and I mean NOTHING you do can keep him.    

If your in a situation in which you feel disrespected and know you are doing everything possible to keep the romance alive, then the best thing for you to do is TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. 

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Call him on his behaviour and set the expectation of what your needs are.   A relationship requires two willing parties to be together and work on making the relationship last. If he is doing things contrary to this, then you are not in a healthy relationship.   You deserve to have all your heart’s desires, but it will not come from one who is not ready for a committed relationship.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think a WAP is enough to keep a man?  Comment below 

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