Bow Down to Beyonce

From the Archives ……03/21/2013

The following was taken from my early writing days I no longer feel like this. I believe my writing had to do with my inability to grab the alpha female within. A dose of self love and an ounce of confidence have changed my views none the less please read and let me know your thoughts

It took this to get me here……

Beyonce Knowles

I have been wanting to start a blog for so long but never got around to it.  I’m happy for Mrs. Carter because she has inspired me to get moving on this desire.  By now we all have seen or heard Mrs. Keisha Gibson ranting about Beyonce latest song BOW DOWN BITCHES.   A lot of talk has occurred in which people are either questioning the song, Beyonces feminist card or her sanity.   I choose not to question any decision made by anyone ranking in so much money since its obvious she is winning.   I do however choose to state my opinion regarding Mrs Carter POOR choice and lack of thought towards her young female fan base.   I must admit I’m not the largest Beyonce fan but I do admire her strong work ethics and image especially when comparing her with other females within the entertainment industry.  BOW DOWN bitches creative venture or not is nothing more than bullying.  Keep in mind this is a woman that has been in this game since her pre teens, and for the last 10 years has to some degree dominated the pop market, increased her endorsement deals, and expanded her market from r and b to straight pop; this is also a woman that has SOLD, MARKETED and propagandized to the 10th degree her love for female empowerment.   How does one go from independent ladies, girls running the world, having a daughter, to signing bow down bitches and we take this as just artistic freedom.  So when you telling woman to be independent am I to believe your just being artistic and really don’t mean to express any core feeling behind your songs?  You telling woman and young girls to run this world is this just words in the name of artistic freedom.

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