1 Quick tip to relieve stress

2020 is by far the most stressed year worldwide. Have you noticed you are sighing a lot? Keep reading to learn a 1 quick tip to relieve stress

The pandemic of Covid-19 has a number of people of edge. This 1 quick tip to relieve your stress will change your life. With so much uncertainty it is very understandable the increase of stress as we attempt to cope with the unknowns.

Normally pre COVID we would have coffee with our friends, movie night with babe, or a nice workout at the gym. Now that we’re unable to do this the best thing to do is the following; SIGH

1 quick tip to relieve stress
1 5 sec exercise stress release

Luckily sighing only takes 5 seconds and doesn’t require you to go anywhere. This quick tip does wonders’ to relieve stress asap.


Research has found sighs give us the ability to reset our nervous system and reduce our stress levels

Ancient practice of Yoga has long recognized the importance of breathe when dealing with stress and trauma.

Breathing deeply in yoga can actually help you avoid injury. Deep breathing can also allow us to experience our true essence. The flow that the steady in and out action of breathing creates stimulates a transformation in the body and mind, purifying and cleansing them so that our true essence shines forth.”

A great therapist, a good hug or better yet a great night’s rest does not replace a quick sigh. Sighs are an easy way for us to assist our bodies by resetting while experiencing an overwhelming feeling of stress.

Sighs don’t require us to leave and go for a walk; it’s something we can do very quickly. Our bodies know when we are stressed and welcome our sighs as a way to reset our nervous system.

Self-care, especially during these stressful times, is necessary.

Self-care is a path to better serve our family and community at large. Sigh as a way to practice self care. Sigh to enforce your love for your temple.

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