Derrick Jaxn Relationship FAKE

Reconciliation for Black Women is needed ASAP

Unless your living under a rock you probably have heard the news regarding self proclaim relationship guru Derrick Jaxn. This post has nothing to do with Derrick Jaxn. This post actually has to do with why women in particular Black Women suffer at the hands of these closest narcissistic men.

Since the launch of Social Media, we (Black Women) have had a series of men speaking sales to us in the form of relationship advice. We have been taught we are defective due to us not having fathers in the home, we are too loud and need to be more quiet, we need to speak less to our accomplishments and do more to be appealing to men.

This advice come solely from men who either hate women, are closet homosexuals, or extreme narcissist. This has occurred consistently for the last twenty years. My question today is why are we allowing our advice to come from individuals who have an agenda to cause harm to us?

Kevin Samuel Derrick Jaxn Jay Z men who hate black women

What is causing us to place ourselves in the position of pain? The only answer I can think of is fear. For some reason we have bought into this lie that having a relationship means we are more worthy than being single. Fear of being other or being isolated from social acceptance can place us in this trap of being a prey for the hunter. We need to reconcile that our life is not up for others to play with. We are no longer going to be the vessel for individuals to pour their self hate into. ENOUGH already

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