The Truth About Kylie Jenner as a Fake Billionaire Is About To Be Revealed.

Oh, what a web we weave when we practice to deceive!!! Contrary to what was marketed before Forbes has now recanted their previous highly publicized feature of Kylie Jenner as a billionaire. Before we go and begin to discredit Kylie I want everyone to be aware it’s very common in business for people to make their establishment appear greater than what it is especially when you’re attempting to be bought out. Regardless of what you and I may think she had a great brand in the making her overhead cost must have been minimal with the sales being all online and with a mother behind her marketing was easy peezy. In the competitive world of beauty, I believe she was doing well it may not be billionaire status but it sure wasn’t five and dime.

Forbes recent article on Kylie fortunes 

Don’t hate the player hate the game. Kylie did what she needed to do, in order to get what she needed to get. Regardless of how much her company is worth the hype that Forbes placed on her assumed billions did a lot for her brand and her marketing. I am not a fan of the reality family but what I am a fan of is Kris Jenner and her vision to forge forward for herself and her children. Like it or not this women is very smart and an expert in marketing. Do not hate those who are getting their riches. Take note make changes and hustle.

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