CoDependent Entanglement

Jada Pinkett & August Alsina Messy Codependent Entanglement

By now the word of the summer is Codependent Entanglement. Jada Pinkett Smith was exposed recently for having a relationship with August Alsina. This was a big deal since for many years word has circulated about Jada and Wil Smith open marriage. Many times it was speculation but here we have someone admitting to being in love with Jada and expressing crushing heartbreak for losing their relationship.

August poured his heart out about his love and eluded to being able to be with Jada with her husband’s knowledge. Honeyyyyyyyyy I almost broke because I could feel this YOUNG mans pain. I also felt pain for Jada and this entire entanglement.

We all end up at some point or another in similar shituations that do not serve our well being. We often go down the path of self-sabotage when we do not deal with our childhood trauma. This is why my heart went out to both Jada and August but their humanity registered with me so much. This piece is not to focus on entanglement but it’s to focus on what occurs when you are not dealing with issues of co-dependency.

Unresolved childhood trauma often leads us to codependent relationships. Relationships that can have you in a position in which you build people up to be dependant on you and when they’re dependant on you for their existence you get upset and want to end it and start it all over again.

August Jada Pinkett
Jada Pinkett August Alsina

We need to use Jada and August relationship as a great opportunity for us to examine ourselves and what we may be doing that’s causing us harm but we think we’re in love.

Jada Brings Herself to the Table

Jada and Will address the recent headlines and share their journey of finding peace through pain.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Friday, 10 July 2020

What is Co-Dependancey

Codependency Is characterized by a person belonging to a dysfunctional, one-sided relationship where one person relies on the other for meeting nearly all of their emotional and self-esteem needs. It also describes a relationship that enables another person to maintain their irresponsible, addictive, or underachieving behaviour

Signs you are prone to Co-Dependency

Signs of a Co Dependent Relationship

  • Your happiness is dependant on their happiness
  • You can’t see your partner for what they really are
  • You ignore your feelings and signs
  • You feel like your relationship is more parent-child and your the parent
  • You focus is entirely on bettering your partner

How to not be in a Co-Dependent Relationship

  • Love yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Love yourself
  • Love yourself
  • resolve your childhood trauma
Great video on how to start the process of healing from Co-Dependency

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